29.07 - Header, Functions & Global Variables

// (c) Wayne Eddy, 59 Cunnington Street, Bundaberg East, Queensland, Australia.
// last updated, 5 September 2008


// Method
// 1. Grow Catchments over Priority Strings.
// 2. Generate elevations approximately 40km apart
// 3. Zoom using areas of influence with 40km side length
// 4. flow points can be special, specific or ordinary
// 5. use the priority array to store info on flow point terrain type
// 6. special flow points will be given a terrain type in the range (1-999) which will reference an array that can point to multiple megafeatures - a major confluence for example needs to point to two rivers.

// Definitions
// Flow Point - any one of the ~333800 points on the surface of the sphere
// Ring - a ring of equally spaced flow points at a given latitude
// Area of Influence (AOI) - a (usually hexagonal) area around a flow point
// Mega Feature - a feature such as a desert or a lake spread over multiple areas of influence.

// Books
// 1. Atlas of Habitable Worlds
// 2. Catalog of Known Lifeforms
// 3. Book of Deeds

// This Program relies on the following files to operate:
// cp3240mt.dll
// vcl35.bpl
// borlndmm.dll
// Don't think I need the above dll's since I changed to Turbo C++ for vers 29
// animal_names.dic
// names1.dic

// 513 rings


1. Filler Triangle Function
2. Fix gaps on westerm side of view when zoomed way in
3. Break coastal influence areas into two polygons
4. Plot Megafeatures. (Lakes, Rivers & Sea Ice & Glaciers)
Plot Hemispheres
Delete old code
Pick best view point by testing hits in 8 vertical lines.
Group Seeds
Number seas while elevation<0
Number catchments as soon as elevation>0
Plug (single pixel) holes near coast in reversed model - or widen or bulldoze path to Ocean.
Increase no of possible worlds above 5500000
Ice Caps
Short cut to the sea later if a river passes near the coast.
Elevation profile.
Randomise length of ammend check.
Give strings a width // plot strings


#include <vcl.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <condefs.h>
#include <dir.h>
#pragma hdrstop
#include "Xenosphere1.h"
#pragma package(smart_init)
#pragma resource "*.dfm"


double Scale;
double Xx, Yy;
double XXx, YYy;
double Qx, Qy;
double Global_Peakosity;
int influences[5];
int Lp[60][2];
int Inlets;
int Lo[60][2]; // Outlets
int Outlets;
int COUNTER; // diagnostic tool
double Vertexes[101][2];
double glob_elev[240]; // ww -> zz
int Vorder[8];
int InOut[6];

double hickle[42][42]; // probably delete
double line_forty_elev[41]; // probably delete
int spot_tt[41][41]; // probably delete
int ttc[81][81]; // catchment
double ttp[81][81]; // terrain type ???
double tte[81][81]; // elevation
double ttz[81][81]; // flow direction
int Errr;
double hxc, hyc, he, lxc, lyc, le, xc, yc; // for function 73
double VC[3][2];
double VE[6];
double RE[10];
double FE[3]; // final elevation
int Stage;
double pop_ttz_seed;

int catchment_no[333810];
int dfs[333810]; // distance from sea
int priority[333810];
double tse[333810]; //point elevation
int gtt[333810]; // global terrain type - TRY TO REUSE PRIORITY
int points[515];
int cum_points[515];
double ring_lat[515];
int ts_sosyedi[6];
int ts_sostype[6];
int ts_n_sosyedi;
int ts_nseeds;
int ts_nseas;
int ts_seedno[10000];
int ts_seano[40];
int tsl, ts_land, ts_mount; (0 = world ocean, 333800 = world desert)
int ts_high;
int ts_low;
int ts_sea;
int hi;
int stack[333800];
int stackpos;
int next_catch_num;
int catch_size[57000];
int catch_type[57000]; // 3 = inland sea/lake
int centroid_catch[57000];
int catch_max_dfs[57000];
double catch_max_elev[57000];
double max_max_elev;
int amount_land2;
int sea_level;
int plot_mode=1;
double elevation_profile[9];
int method; // 0 - old two step process; 1 - new one step process
int n_low_points=0;
double push;
double max_flatten; // delete me
int l_sea_string[40];
int number_of_islands;
int size_island[1001];
int y_centroid[1001], x_centroid[1001];
double gravity;
int n_moons;
double size_moon[10];
int n_continents;
int sp_major_river[40000]; // biggest seen = 36,000
int n_major_rivers, sp_major_rivers;
double snow_line;
double snowline[2];
double globfx, globfy;
double glob_dub;
int glob_x[2201], glob_y[2201];
int glob_int;
double direction_range;
int max_chain_length;
int nplates;
int plates[3][57];
int nmountains;
int init_modp;
double insert_frac;
double how_internal;
double percent_lakes;
int lfs;
double conch;
int approx_sl_priority;
double sq_e[130][130];
int sq_f[130][130];
int sq_g[130][130];
int sq_h[130][130];
double line_e[129];
int line_f[129];
int lmountains;
int spm;
double Rloc[4];
double average_elevation[4];
double Current_X[2], Current_Y[2];
int out_lok[4][2];
int noutz;
int river_se[16][2];
double delete_me_in_2008[3][129];
int in_or_out[6];
int Out_Coord[20][2];
int In_Coord[20][2];
int Out_Num;
int In_Num;
int Riv_Num;
double Delta;
double Out_elev[13];
double In_elev[13];
double FD; // Used by Function 51
int adj_catch[25];
int dummy; // use for tempory break points

double world;
int xxxx;
double xx[10];
double wrv[20];
double Radius;
double Cent_Elev;
int sst[17];
double Ch[4];
double temp[3];
char Planet_Name[40];
int world_type;
int reverse;
int purge_coast;
int bottom_right;
double fX[1001], fY[1001];
int features[20000];
int cfen; // current feature number
int stackpos1, stackpos_c, stackpos2;
int snow;
double Snow;
int nch, nmt;
int contours;
int type;
int gcw; // ghost continent width
double stretch_factor;
double key1, key2, key3, key4;
double Key[20];
int gap;
double skiphood;
int skt; // skiptype
int hpx[301], hpl[301], hpw[301], hpm[301], hpmode[301];
int hpy[301]; // delete me if you have deleted 1. Define World
int nrange;
int mrxc[201], mryc[201]; // Mountain Range Centroid
int tx[201], ty[201], tno; // snake mountains - DELETE ME
int npx, npy;
char Sea_Name[40];
int seano[141];
double seanodiv;
int WW=1024; // world width
int MR; // decides if mountain ranges should be less random than normal.
int area[1001];
int fcentroid[1001];
int fcentscore[1001];
int fxmax[1001];
int fymax[1001], fxmin[1001], fymin[1001]; // Can eventually be deleted
double dnom[4];
int NF;
double roughness[4];
int mbl; // multiplier bas level
int Nwords;
double ZR; // zoom randomizer
double ZR_b; // zoom randomizer
int dbcfii; // don't bother checking for islands if river level is more than "dbcfii" below sea level;
double Zoom_B[129][129];
double Edge[129];
double a_Key, b_Key;
int current_lok;
String Feature_Names[501];
int lrgd[129][129];
int well_thank_god_for_that=0;
double Rxforty[4]; Ryforty[4];
char Feature_Name[40];
int shadow, render;
int rivcol;
double pi;
int plotmode2=1;
String cfname = "file name";
String names ="Names.txt";
char name2[10];
char name[30];
int ccno=0; // current catchment number;
int seacolour=0;
int riverx[12], rivery[12];
int globx, globy;
int cnLV;
int nt[3][8];
char grid[8][2];
char letters[26][2];
char consanants[40][2][4];
char vowels[30][2][3];
char prefixes[20][7];
char suffixes[20][10];
double planet[15];
int grid_on;
int text_slot[8][32];
//int Y;
String Words[1000];

PP. Search & Replace
int pp_search_and_replace(int pp_was, int pp_is, int pp_mode);
// QQ. Next Point on Perimeter
int qq_next_point_on_perimeter(int qq_x, int qq_y, int qq_mode);
// RR. Thread
int rr_thread(int rr_jj, int rr_mode);
// SS. Fill Chevron
int ss_fill_chevron(int ss_point);
// TT. Calc Relev
double tt_calc_relev(double tt_elev, double tt_lat, double tt_long, double tt_seed, int tt_tt);
// UU. Plot Point
int uu_plot_point(int uu_x, int uu_y, int uu_code, int uu_mode);
// VV. Plot Chevron
int vv_plot_chevron(double vv_left, double vv_bottom, double vv_width, int vv_mode);
// WW. Interpolate
int ww_interpolate(double ww_ei, double ww_ef, int ww_np, double ww_min_low, double ww_max_low, int ww_mode, double ww_seed);
// XX. Plot tte
int xx_plot_tte();
// yy. Plot Polygon
yy_plot_polygon(int yy_p_colour, int yy_n_vertexes, int yy_mode);
// zz. Populate Rectangle
int zz_pop_rect(int zz_point, int zz_mode);

// 1. Sosyedi
int TS_sosyedi_1(int ts_point_1);
// 1. Generate Initial Variables
int f_giv1();
// 2. Set Psuedo Random Number Generator
int f_setrandom2(double seed2);
// 2. Grow_Continents
int TS_grow_continents_1();
// 3. Plot World
int TS_plot_world_3();
// 3. Psuedo Random Number Generator
double f_xxx3();
// 4. Plot World
int TS_plot_world_4();
// 4. Update Stats
int updatestats4();
// 5. Ammend Try
int ammend_try(int try5, int mode5);
// 5. Simple Random Number Generator
double f_srng5(double a5, double b5, double c5, double d5, double mult5);
// 5. World Stats
int worldstats5();
// 6. Plot Demispheres
int TS_plot_demispheres_6();
// 6. Label Seas
int label_seas6();
// 7. Point Elevation
double point_elevation7(int point_pos7);
// 8. Set Priorities
int set_priorities_8();
// 8. Very Simple Random Number Generator
double f_r8(double a8, int b8);
// 9. Return Ring Number
int ring_number9(int p_number9);
// 10. Generate Sea Seeds
int gen_sea_seeds10();
// 11. Populate Triangle with Elevations // VERSION 28
int Pte(int mode11);
// 12. Plot Catchments
int TS_plot_catchments_12();
// 13. Catalog Islands
int catalog_islands_13();
// 14. Plot Major Rivers
int plot_major_rivers_14();
// 15. R15 - Another Weak Random Number Generator
double R15(int seed15, double Seed15);
// 16. Calculate the longitude & latitude of a point
int long_lat_point_16(int point16);
// 17. Map Tectonic Plates
int map_tectonic_plates_17();
// 18. Plot Priorities
int TS_plot_priorities_18();
// 19. Add Mountains
int add_mountains_19(int sp19, int j19);
// 20. Populate ttz
int pop_ttz_20(int a20, int b20, int c20);
// 21. Assign Edge Elevations
int assign_edge_elevations_21(int mode21);
// 22. Populate Line
int pop_line_22(double length22, double st_elev22, double end_elev22, double riv_elev22, double drop22, int mode22);
// 23. Stage Two
int stage_two_23(int cp23, double left23, double bottom23, double width23);
// 24. Blanket
int blanket_24();
// 25. Clear Screen
int clear_screen();
// 26. Greyout
int greyout();
// 27. Thread
int thread_27(int jj27, int mode27);
// 28. Plot Blanket
int plot_blanket_28(double bl28);
// 29. Auto Zoom
int auto_zoom_29(double xcc29, double ycc29, double scale29, int projection29);
// 30. Catalog Features
int d_catalog_features30();
int catalog_features30(int mode30);
// 31. Populate grid for Batch Plotting
int popgrid();
// 32. Plot Point
int plot_point_32(int x32, int y32, double elev32, int code32);
// 33. Flow Grid 128
int flow_grid_33();
// 34. Test for end point of river
int test_for_end_point_34(int riv_no34);
// 35. Generate World Parameters
int generate_world_parameters(int mode35);
// 36. Real Point Elevation
double real_point_elevation_36(int p36, double e36, int mode36);
// 37. Pseudo Random Number Generator
int setrandom();
// 38. Set Pseudo Random Number Generator
double xxx();
// 39. Direction
int direction_39(int x39, int y39);
// 40. Adjacent Elevation
double adjacent_elev_40(int x40, int y40);
// 41. Map Creeks
int map_creeks_41(int mode41);
// 42. Whiteout
int whiteout42(int kulla42);
// 42. Whiteout
int whiteout(int kulla);
// 43. Maximum Rise
double maximum_rise_43(int p43);
// 44. Fill Square
fill_square_44(int mode44);
// 45. Command Window
int commands();
// 46. Direction
direction_46(int x46, int y46, double frac46);
// 47. Direction
int direction_47(int x47, int y47);
// 48. A not very random number generator
double weak_random(double d48);
// 49. Another Random Number Generator
double arng(double s1, double s2, double s3, double s4, double mult);
// 50. Load Words
int load_words50(String fn50, int j50);
// 51. Flow Direction
int f_direction_51(int x51, int y51);
// 52. Flow Grid Boundaries
int fgb_52();
// 53. Flow Grid Boundary Direction
int fgb_direction_53(int x53, int y53);
// 54. Intermediate Elevation
double intermediate_elevation_54(double min_elev54, double av_elev54, int mode54);
// 55. Assign Name
int assign_name(double seid1, double seid2, int ntype);
// 56. Save a thousand names
int save_a_thousand();
// 57. Search
int search();
// 58. Write World Name
int write_world_name58();
int write_world_name();
// 59. Search for World
int search_for(char pn59[40]);
// 60. Calculate Elevation
double elevation_60(double elev_a_60, double elev_b_60, double max_slope60, int dist60, int mode60);
// 61. Next Point
int next_point_61(int x61, int y61, int clock61);
// 62. Where on Perimeter
int where_on_perim_62(int x62, int y62);
// 63. Best Option (Version 28)
int best_option_63(double c63, double oa63, double ob63, double oc63, double od63);
// 64. Plot Brass Monkey
int brass_monkey_64(int mode64);
// 65. Assign Elevations to Edge Points
int edge_elevations65(double elev_a65, double elev_b65, double elev_c65);
// 66. Define Coastline
int define_coastline66(double elev_a66, double elev_b66, double elev_c66, int inverted66);
// 67. Clear Spot TT
int clear_spot_tt67(int mode67);
// 68. Set Pen Colour
int set_pen_colour(int setpc, int setshadow);
int empty_text_slot();
int check_text_slot(int Txsl, int Tysl);
// 71. Clear ttp
int clear_ttp71(double val71);
// 72. Plot ttp
int plot_ttp72(int x72,int y72,int off72,int inverted72, int mode72);
73. Elevation of a point between two points
double e73();
74. Row_of_triangle
int row_of_triangle74(int seed74);
75. Plot Triangle
int plot_triangle75(double left75, double bottom75, double width75, int mode75);
76 Plot Rectangle
int plot_rectangle76(double lat76, double long76, double width76);
77 Set Vertex Values
int set_vertex_values77(int point77, int updown77);
79 Which Way
int whichway_79(int x79, int y79);

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